Travel Tip: Benefits of Using a Cargo Box Carrier For Your Vehicle

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Reasons for using a Cargo Box Carrier

  • Perfect vehicle storage solution for active lifestyles (ski/snowboard, sporting equipment), going on vacation or you just need more space in your vehicle!
  • Fit up to an additional 165lbs of cargo (depending on model)
  • Aerodynamic design allows for a quieter ride with all your additional cargo
  • Less clutter in the cabin of your vehicle – allowing you to enjoy, in comfort, your next road trip, adventure, or just getting across town!

Our Rental Cargo Box Carrier Program

We offer you the convenience to rent a cargo box carrier ranging from 2 to 15 days in duration – perfect for a weekend getaway or an epic road trip!

  • We will install the Cargo Box Carrier on your vehicle
  • All of the advantages of a box carrier without the upfront investment
  • No hassle in storing your cargo box carrier after you’ve finished using it for the season
  • Tailor your next road trip with a cargo box carrier in mind and enhance the trip with additional space for sport equipment, more interior leg room or that extra few nights camping!

Should you decide that purchasing a cargo box carrier is in your future, we will apply the cost of the first rental to the cost of the purchase!

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